Signature facials From $110 to $150
Ice treatment
This revitalizing, stimulating facial focuses on the fine blood vessels and connective tissues to tighten skin using the exclusive Dermosthetique Ice Ball.
Collagen hydro-treatment
This hydrating, firming facial uses collagen synthesis to visibly reduce wrinkles by 15% after just a single treatment.
Intensive moisture treatment
This marine-based, moisturizing facial stimulates the skin to normalize the moisture level, leaving it fresh and clear with new resilience and elasticity.
Anti-aging firming treatment
This treatment stimulates the cell repair process using the exclusive DERMA Roller, forcing collagen into the skin to make it firmer and more youthful.
Energy balancing treatment
Balance the energy of your chakras while gaining the regenerating properties of a facial. An ideal treatment for those seeking a more holistic approach.
Dermosthetique peel treatment
Harness the latest scientific research and most innovative active ingredients to regenerate your skin. This treatment genuinely repairs dehydrated skin, yet it is gentle enough for the most sensitive complexions.